Monday, November 2, 2009

Hoosier Cabinet

A few months ago, I decided to create a baking center in my kitchen. Unfortunately, Isabella's little play kitchen would have to find a new home but I thought it would be nice for her and I to have a place were we could go and be creative in the kitchen. This past weekend my dream of a baking center came true when my sister offered me her Hoosier Cabinet! I brought it home along with a dry sink (more on the dry sink in another post) She had stripped the antique piece and stained it with a light stain (looks like paint but it is stain) This is the picture of it before I put all of my stuff in it. Here it is with all of my Longerberger pottery. I love it. I still have to fill the drawers with all my baking supplies. the left hand cabinet is were the built in flour sifter is. Notice the hand towel that my aunt gave me! It has a great new home now. The open area on the bottom right is where the metal bread box was. It is no longer with the piece so, I decided to put a basket there for now. There is a door that goes over the hole but I have to re-attach it.
Hoosier cabinets were popular up until the 1920's. Kitchen's did not have built in cabinets therefore storage was an issue and the Hoosier cabinet was born. Most had built in flour containers and sifters. They also would have had a place to store bread and sugar. The table was important because that is the area in which you would roll out dough. My cabinet also has a cutting board that slides out but we have to re-glue it because it fell out and came apart at the joints. I also came home with a dry sink but that is being re-purposed and stripped of the paint because it is way to dark for my light kitchen. It will go to the left of the Hoosier cabinet under my big window.

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