Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Gardening Apron

My sister came over this past weekend and wanted to work on a craft project. She brought with her some fabric samples that she picked up dirt cheap at a flea market. Her idea was to make a gardening apron out of some material she had and the fabric samples. She had the idea but since she does not sew, it was up to me to put it all together. I love the way it came out. I enjoyed picking the trim and jewlery to go on it. Click on the pictures for a closer view.
This is the side of the apron. It is a little deceiving because I put the apron on top of a full body apron that was already on the mannequin. The Gardening apron starts at the pom-pom trim around the waist and ends at the pockets on the bottom. There are 6 pockets on this apron. You can put your gardening tools in the pockets or whatever else you may want to carry around with you when you are in the garden.

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