Wednesday, April 29, 2009

great friends

This is my very good friend and neighbor Debbie- Since I talk about her so much I thought you all should see her beautiful face! After a long day yesterday, I was feeling a bit emotinal (that time of the month) and some how she just knows when I need a pick me up- she came over with a hug jar of homemade salsa and a bag of the tortilla chips that are in the shape of a bowl! (I usually just buy the cheepie ones) WHAT A TREAT! This picture was taken at my 40th birthday party- she drove all the way to JIM THORPE PA (2 hours away) to help me celebrate! I love ya Deb-thanks for the yummy salsa.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Mark!

Happy birthday to the man that still gives me goose bumps when he kisses me! It amazes me how you can love someone more and more each day. He is my best freind and I thank God everyday that he is mine. This past weekend was huge for our family-not because Mark turned 41- but because after 16 years of being in ministry, Mark sat before a council and was offically ordained as a pastor. He had to go throgh a process of being asked questions that pertained to his theology and all aspects of ministry. He passed with flying colors! Happy Birthday Mark! I love you and pray we will have another 41 years together-it has been a wonderful journey.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

bargain decorating

I got these flowers at Aldi's for 99 cents! (score) the little houses are left over from a christmas project. The houses don't scream christmas and since they really can't be stored (they are thin cardboard) I thought I would try and use them some where in the house- they have lived in many places and I was just getting ready to throw them out (guilt) when I thought they may look cute on the lazy susan with the flowers I just bought! I guess I will keep them just a little bit longer!

Decorating Dilemma

I bought these 4 pictues at a local shop for 7.99 (what a deal) I wanted to put them in my down stairs bathroom which is a difficult room to decoarate because of its small size. I hung them on existing nails just to get a sense if I would like them in the tiny BR and........ I didn't (sigh) So, I decided to try them in the kitchen on the soffit. I did not like them there either (they cluttered up the area and competed with the dishes) so............... they ended up back in the bathroom (see below)

changing the layout

I changed the pictures so that they looked like one picture with a small gap in between the four of them. Once I did that I liked the look better. I still want to find something to go on the top of them (some kind of swag) and eventually I am painting the bead board a shade of blue but for now I like it.

A Day of Decorating

The picture in the background was bought at my local antique store (junk shop) I dont remember how much I paid for it (not a lot - I am cheap) but I liked the frame more than the picture. I brought it home and painted the frame white (that was probably over a year ago) the painting has lived in many places in my house but I never liked any of the spots that it ended up in. the other day I took it down and decided I would change out the picture and see if that would help me to like it more. I was in the middle of cleaning when I took the picture down so, I just placed it on the bay window until I could find a place to store it. Then the strangest thing happened! I loved it in front of the window!!! I added the flowers and wa-la- My picture finally found a home. Sometimes decorting happens by mistake!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

spreading the pansies around

I had a few extra flowers from the flat that I bought so, I filled some of the smaller containers. This litle pot made it through the winter - some of my other pots fell apart. I hate when the planters only last for one season so at the end of this season I am going to try and bring most of them inside the garage.

Pansies in a Drawer

I fianlly planted the pansies in the top drawer of the dresser outside. I thought about planting some herbs but went with the flowers. Maybe, once they get leggy I will replace them with herbs.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Working on the garden out front

The pictuer on top is the "after" picture. the picture on the bottom shows what used to be in the garden. Debbie pulled out the Day lillies and the Silver Mounds and replaced them with 4 of those cute shrubs (forgot what they are called) it looks so much better and I look forward to them getting bigger and filling in that spot nicely!

Dreaming of Spring

I just loved this picture. I am so excited about spring this year. I spent all day Saturday cleaning the yard and got so much done. (I could hardly walk the next day-I am so out of shape) I took some before pictures but still am working on the "after" pictures. I will post them as soon as I can. By Monday it was raining again and I was not able to plant the new things I got at the nursery. I am planning a trip to my old neck of the woods with my neighbor Debbie- who is my garndening mentor. We hope to find some things for our gardens. The place is called "Poor Richards" and I almost forgot of its existence until my mom mentioned it to me the other day.



Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The inspirational garden and cottage

Here is the magazine picture that I fell in love with. My close friend and neighbor- Debbie is going to help me duplicate the garden that is in the front of the page- the little cottage in the back is what I hope to purchase in the form of a kit. (once I have saved all those pennies)

Rain, Rain and more Rain

I bought these ever so cute boots in hopes that the weather would turn warmer and I could start working outside in the garden. I have big plans this year! I have a swing that hangs from a tree that needs to be painted (unfinished project from last year) and I want to create a garden around the tree and swing. I am hoping to save my pennies and add a little cottage to the back yard for me and Isabella (ok really its for me) I was trying to purchase a new one but now am thinking of getting a kit instead that Cristian and I can put together.

Rueben Casserole

1 pound of swiss cheese
1 pound or corn beef (get this from the deli counter)
1 bottle of Thousand Island Dressing
Loaf of Rye bread
Cole slaw or Sauerkraut (enough to line a 9x13 pan)

Layer the following
bread, cole slaw or sauerkraut, meat, dressing (entire bottle) more bread, cheese,
bake 350 for 30 minutes


Morning Worship

Morning worship with Joey and Cristian leading the music portion.
My drama team performed a Maypole dance to the Easter song

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Egg Hunt

The Davis kids love looking for eggs. It was bitter cold outside so, we had to do the hunt in the family room.

Daddy is trying to sneak some eggs in his pocket!

Isabella going to great lengths to get those eggs!

The Easter Table

The Easter table was set in the morning before leaving for church. I put the ham in the crock pot while my mom peeled the potatoes and just left them in water until I got home. Once home, I boiled the potatoes and heated up the veggies!

Why the name "Nooks and Crannies"

Why title my blog "Nooks and Crannies" I have always been a "nook and crannie" kind of girl. I love to create spaces that are cozy. Here are some of my favorite places in my house. My sewing room (that I share with Mark's office) is a fun place to go and create. I recetly gave that beautiful day bed to my sister for her guest bedroom. It did not fit so, it will be coming back to my house to live again (yea!!!) I am trying to talk my husband into making it our couch- but he is not buying into the idea (yet)


I hope that family and friends enjoy my new blog. It is my way of documenting the life of our famiy and sharing it with all of you who are so dear to Mark and I. Please visit the blog whenever you get a chance. I hope this will enable us all to stay in better touch with one another. This will be the first year I dont send out a Christmas news letter and picture (ok- maybe I will send out a post card to remind everyone to check out the blog instead!)

All my love,