Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Say "YES" to the dress

WOW!!! COULD IT BE..............

Nope, this is not it- just a little teaser! I will say, that the one she did pick is beautiful and will be ordered soon!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

An Awesome VBS week

I wanted to post some pictures of our VBS week. We had a good turnout and a really great experience. This was my first VBS here at WMBC. Most of the pictures are of all the decorating we did for our western theme. Joey was the music leader. He did an amazing job with the kid. He pumped them up every morning and him and Cristian ended the day with a funny skit.
Here is is showing some moves to the music~

More moves............

Decorating the sanctuary was fun but every morning I would come in and find the murals that we put up (some how Jeremy did not get pictures of them) down on the floor so, they had to be re-taped every morning.

All of our decorations were donated by other churches!

This was my room the "Missions Firefly Cavern" You really cant tell in the picture but I put fake rocks all over the walls (crumpled up brown wrapping paper that Toby spray painted). Under the rocks my son Cristian placed blinking lights. The blinking lights were the fireflies. I kept the room dark and added some black lights to really give it a cave like glow. I had so much fun teaching the kids about missionaries!

This was the bible bunk house! It was a big room with couch, fireplace, and bunk bed.

Here is the bunk bed. My poor kids slept without blankets for a few days because I took the ones from home to decorate the bunk house! LOL

My handsome cowboy son- Joe (Jenni, the blanket was a great idea)

Here is the fireplace. It was a real electric fireplace that Carrie brought in for us to use. It was one of my favorite parts of the bunk house.

Here is the general store! Can you believe that most of the stuff in the picture came out of my house! LOL (those that know me- can believe it)
A big thanks to all of the people that came out to VBS and all the staff that made this such a successfull time for our kids.
My son Cristian came straight from his night job to run the recreation program for the kids. He was such a trooper! 2 families from our church actually camped out in their campers on the church property and logged in many hours of work. My parents came down on Friday for the closing program and roasted a pig for everyone! I am looking forward to next year! A big YE-HAW to all the WMBC staffers who gave of their time, money and prayers!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What do you mean summer is over!

This is not the summer I had hoped it would be. I finally decided we needed to start school because the kids seemed to be bored most of the day. As the years unfold and my children get older things change and some how I am never prepared for it! No longer are they wanting to play in the plastic pool in the back yard. No longer is the dollar movie once a week cutting the entertainment mustard. Everyday I wake up to a list of things that they want to do and none of it is at home!

I guess if I were made of money then we could go on all kinds of excursions but that is not the case so...... it is free parks, dollar movies, the pool club, and trips to the food store for this mom of many.

I guess next year I will be more prepared. For now, I am looking forward to some kind of schedule (school) and preparing for VBS. We have one more week long camping trip with the cousins planned- our last real vacation for the summer.

So, what keeps your kids busy and productive in the summer?