Wednesday, September 23, 2009

yard sale

Genevieve and I had a 2 day yard sale last weekend. I have to say- we had A LOT OF STUFF! I came over with two van loads and she had a ton of stuff too. I guess you could say it was successful- I did end up giving things away but the goal for me was not to haul it back home! This is Gen's garage after the first day- I took this picture before we dragged the stuff back out.

One side of the driveway...............

The other side of the driveway.

Yup, that's my wedding dress in the tall box leaning against the table. I never took it out of the box to display it. I guess I really did not want to part with it. Maybe, my daughter or one of my daughter-in-laws will want to wear it????

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Love Affair

I am not sure when my love affair with fabric started but I can't leave Wal-Mart without at least looking at the fabric. (only place I can get fabric around here) Soon I wont be able to do that because they are phasing out that section of the store. I have been trying to stock up on fabric every time I shop. While out in Lancaster (lots of fabric out there!) I stopped at a place called Goods and found fabric for 2.39 a yard! Needless to say, I looked at my husband and said," I am camping out here in the fabric section- you got the kids"
The top one is a favorite. I LOVE brown and blue together and the fact that it is a plaid makes it even better!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Saturday, September 12, 2009


I am away right now with my darling husband. He had to go away on buisness overnight so I decided to tag along. While he is in his 4 hour meeting I get to do whatever I want in the hotel room. I bring lots of things - I brought my magazines, books, crochet, braided rug, computer and more- you would think I was going to be here for a week!

I have been so blesssed to have been able to get some much needed rest the past month or so. I encourae everyone to get some time alone. My time alone is not just pleasure time. I spend a lot of time thinking and making notes of things that need to be changed in our home, goals for the kids and myself, and best of all praying and spending time with God-allowing him to re-direct my paths, convict me of my faults, and keep me going in this journey called life.


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Football Season has begun

It is a big day at our house tonight! The Steeler's are playing tonight and the entire family is so excited. All of the boys ran upstairs after dinner to change into their Steeler shirts and Isabella wanted in on the action! All by herself, she went upstairs and dug through her drawers until she found her Steeler shirt. The outfit would not be complete without a denim skirt, a string of pearls and a pretty hat. She may live with all boy brothers but this girl knows how to accessorize!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Vacationing with the Amish and Mennonites

I know this looks like a weird vacation picture but I just had to post it. I love to just sit outside in one of our camping chairs and read my favorite decorating magazine! I brought with me a DVD of how to make a rag rug with a "toothbrush" hook. I couldnt wait to start the rug so I went out to the local Wal Mart and bought some fabric but you have to wash it and dry it before you can use it- since I had just finished doing a lot of laundry (which is not cheap to do at the camp site) I decided to really rough it and............
Wash the fabric by hand in my little laundry tub! I felt like I was living back in the good old days!

This is the fabric hanging on the line to dry. I will post the finished rug on a later post. The following pictures are some of our favorite things to do while on vacation:

EAT! and not just anywhere- WE LOVE SHADY MAPLE!!! it is an all you can eat place and the food is awesome. They even have an Icee machine!

Playing "spot" but instead of looking for yellow cars we look for buggies. When you spot a horse and buggy you yell- "SPOT" the one who gets to 20 first wins.

Hanging out with good friends! Camping is even better when you go with friends. The Simonson family was able to join us on this trip for a few days. This picture is of the kids waiting for the big race to start..........

woops- my pictures are out of order. This was the view from our camper door! It just does not get better than this! We were right next to the creek. I didn't post the picture but every day a family of ducks would come over and we would feed them.

This is the big RACE!!! Mr. Simonson and Mr. Davis pedal - thats right- this is pure man power- around a tree and back. Let's just say Mark is a bit out of shape and was happy to make it back to the finish line alive!
We had such a great time in Lancaster. I love the Menonite and Amish people. I feel very rested (we slept in every morning) and mentally refreshed. I enjoyed going to Goods store to stock up on fabric. I hope that some day Mark and I will be able to retire there.

More of Mexico

I wanted to post a few more pictures of Mexico. These are the missionaries that work on the island.
This is Debbie and I with one of the teachers that will be working at the school that the missionaries help out at. The school is there for any native who wants to learn english. If they learn english their job opportunities increase and they are able to live a better life.