Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Vacationing with the Amish and Mennonites

I know this looks like a weird vacation picture but I just had to post it. I love to just sit outside in one of our camping chairs and read my favorite decorating magazine! I brought with me a DVD of how to make a rag rug with a "toothbrush" hook. I couldnt wait to start the rug so I went out to the local Wal Mart and bought some fabric but you have to wash it and dry it before you can use it- since I had just finished doing a lot of laundry (which is not cheap to do at the camp site) I decided to really rough it and............
Wash the fabric by hand in my little laundry tub! I felt like I was living back in the good old days!

This is the fabric hanging on the line to dry. I will post the finished rug on a later post. The following pictures are some of our favorite things to do while on vacation:

EAT! and not just anywhere- WE LOVE SHADY MAPLE!!! it is an all you can eat place and the food is awesome. They even have an Icee machine!

Playing "spot" but instead of looking for yellow cars we look for buggies. When you spot a horse and buggy you yell- "SPOT" the one who gets to 20 first wins.

Hanging out with good friends! Camping is even better when you go with friends. The Simonson family was able to join us on this trip for a few days. This picture is of the kids waiting for the big race to start..........

woops- my pictures are out of order. This was the view from our camper door! It just does not get better than this! We were right next to the creek. I didn't post the picture but every day a family of ducks would come over and we would feed them.

This is the big RACE!!! Mr. Simonson and Mr. Davis pedal - thats right- this is pure man power- around a tree and back. Let's just say Mark is a bit out of shape and was happy to make it back to the finish line alive!
We had such a great time in Lancaster. I love the Menonite and Amish people. I feel very rested (we slept in every morning) and mentally refreshed. I enjoyed going to Goods store to stock up on fabric. I hope that some day Mark and I will be able to retire there.

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  1. yay shady maple!Those rootbeer ices where the best!lol. That was such a fun camping trip :)