Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Part 2 of Baby shower

I had to put the shower pictures in two posts. For some reason my pictures were not downloading and I had to fool with it just to get these pictures posted! Here is the future happy momma.

I have to add my little frugal story here. The container above was picked up at a thrift store for 1$! The polka dot table cloth is actually a shower curtain that I picked up at another thrift store for 2.99!!!! The favor bags were on clearance at Michael's because they were an Easter item. I think I paid about 4$ for all of the them! Oh! and the lollipop cakes are from Starbucks. Joey was able to get them for me dirt cheap with his discount! AND they are soooooo yummy!
The theme was "Vintage baby with pink polka dots" Since the shower was on a Friday night I decided to do finger foods. It rained all week making it impossible to have the shower outside not to mention it was hot and humid! She received beautiful gifts and was able to put a lot of it in her extra suitcase to take home. Her mom will be bringing the rest home when she goes to NC for the birth.

Victoria's Baby Shower!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pregnancy update

I am a few days away from 34 weeks. We are counting down the weeks and at times it feels like it is going fast and yet there are days when it's not going fast enough!

Right now, my biggest issues are sleeping, back pain, and calf pain. I am up A LOT at night to go to the bathroom. My back and calves become sore which makes even walking to the bathroom painful.

I'm anticipating labor and delivery, wondering if this baby will come like the last three or will it be a totally different experience. My last three were fast and fairly easy. It's been 6 years since I have given birth so I do not have grand ideas of "easy".

Life is full! We are busy, busy, busy, with preparations for our new baby and trying to make this a great summer for the other children. We just got back from a short camping trip with Marks brother and his family.

I am NESTING big time! I want to clean and re- arrange. I am driving hubby crazy! I am looking forward to family coming this weekend for my daughter in laws baby showers! It will be fun to spend time with family again as they have been gone for a few weeks vacationing.

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

3d ultrasound

Our 3 d ultrasound was a total bust. The baby was bent in half with her feet right in front of her face! They had me walk around for a bit but that didn't work so they told me to come back in two weeks. After some thought I decided to not go back. In two weeks it will only be 5 more weeks until my due date in which we get to meet her in person!

From the little that we saw, I think she is going to look like Isabella. But I could totally be wrong.

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cute Hair Bow Storage

I wish I could take credit for this idea but I cant. I don't even remember which blog I saw it on! The containers are oatmeal and bread crumb containers. I covered them in cute girly paper. I made sure the lids were clear so that I could add decorative paper to it (and a little embellishment)
The outside of the container is for headbands and the inside hold all loose barrettes and pony tail holders. I made one for each little girl in my life.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Our baby girls name

That is the big question. I am not sure why but we have struggled with a name this go around. Everything I like daddy doesn't ! How we named 6 children I do not know!

We think we have narrowed it down to two names. I have scheduled a 4d ultrasound on Saturday the 11th of June. It will just be a fun time for our family to take a peek at little Miss. Maybe, that will be the day we finally say, " She definitely looks like a ---------- that is what we will name her". Or maybe we will have to wait until she makes her grand entrance!

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Butterfly Blessings ~ My baby shower

I was totally shocked when my sisters and friends threw me a baby shower! I was so blessed and recieved such beautiful gifts.
This is my Niece's daughter!
A diaper cake made by my neice. Everything on it can be used!
My sister- She is pinning a coursage on Isabella. (she made all of the coursages out of baby socks and ribbons!)
My two beautiful sisters! It was awesome to have my sister Katrina at the shower. She lives in California most of the time and so it was so cool that she could make the shower!
I was totally shocked! My sister Katrina took me to the mall that morning to get me out of the house! I HATE the mall but she needed to get some things and so of course I could not say no.
My cute Coursage!
At 42 I think you should be able to NOT have to put on the silly hat made out of the ribbons and bows!
Isnt this wreath beautiful! It was made by my friend Chris. She made it out of Onesies!
Baby Girls Rocker Outfit!!!!! It was given to me by Dani (Joeys girlfriend)
The cake! A big thanks to all my family and friends who made this day so special for me! I will always treasure the memory of it.