Thursday, June 2, 2011

Our baby girls name

That is the big question. I am not sure why but we have struggled with a name this go around. Everything I like daddy doesn't ! How we named 6 children I do not know!

We think we have narrowed it down to two names. I have scheduled a 4d ultrasound on Saturday the 11th of June. It will just be a fun time for our family to take a peek at little Miss. Maybe, that will be the day we finally say, " She definitely looks like a ---------- that is what we will name her". Or maybe we will have to wait until she makes her grand entrance!

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  1. That post is a total tease!!! :)

    Not even going to give us mere followers a hint? ;)

  2. Heeeeeee. With the way we change our minds I can't guarantee it will stick but I can say if we sticvpk with one of two, I don't think you will be surprised!