Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pregnancy update

I am a few days away from 34 weeks. We are counting down the weeks and at times it feels like it is going fast and yet there are days when it's not going fast enough!

Right now, my biggest issues are sleeping, back pain, and calf pain. I am up A LOT at night to go to the bathroom. My back and calves become sore which makes even walking to the bathroom painful.

I'm anticipating labor and delivery, wondering if this baby will come like the last three or will it be a totally different experience. My last three were fast and fairly easy. It's been 6 years since I have given birth so I do not have grand ideas of "easy".

Life is full! We are busy, busy, busy, with preparations for our new baby and trying to make this a great summer for the other children. We just got back from a short camping trip with Marks brother and his family.

I am NESTING big time! I want to clean and re- arrange. I am driving hubby crazy! I am looking forward to family coming this weekend for my daughter in laws baby showers! It will be fun to spend time with family again as they have been gone for a few weeks vacationing.

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