Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Butterfly Blessings ~ My baby shower

I was totally shocked when my sisters and friends threw me a baby shower! I was so blessed and recieved such beautiful gifts.
This is my Niece's daughter!
A diaper cake made by my neice. Everything on it can be used!
My sister- She is pinning a coursage on Isabella. (she made all of the coursages out of baby socks and ribbons!)
My two beautiful sisters! It was awesome to have my sister Katrina at the shower. She lives in California most of the time and so it was so cool that she could make the shower!
I was totally shocked! My sister Katrina took me to the mall that morning to get me out of the house! I HATE the mall but she needed to get some things and so of course I could not say no.
My cute Coursage!
At 42 I think you should be able to NOT have to put on the silly hat made out of the ribbons and bows!
Isnt this wreath beautiful! It was made by my friend Chris. She made it out of Onesies!
Baby Girls Rocker Outfit!!!!! It was given to me by Dani (Joeys girlfriend)
The cake! A big thanks to all my family and friends who made this day so special for me! I will always treasure the memory of it.


  1. If you prefer baby gifts like an edible centerpiece, consider a tower of cupcakes or cakes. Decorate each cake with ice or plastic toppers to match the shower theme.