Wednesday, September 23, 2009

yard sale

Genevieve and I had a 2 day yard sale last weekend. I have to say- we had A LOT OF STUFF! I came over with two van loads and she had a ton of stuff too. I guess you could say it was successful- I did end up giving things away but the goal for me was not to haul it back home! This is Gen's garage after the first day- I took this picture before we dragged the stuff back out.

One side of the driveway...............

The other side of the driveway.

Yup, that's my wedding dress in the tall box leaning against the table. I never took it out of the box to display it. I guess I really did not want to part with it. Maybe, my daughter or one of my daughter-in-laws will want to wear it????

1 comment:

  1. I do think it's OK to hang onto *some* stuff of sentimental value. Will I ever wear my wedding dress again--No. But I don't want to ever get rid of it, either, whether the girls want it or not.