Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Love Affair

I am not sure when my love affair with fabric started but I can't leave Wal-Mart without at least looking at the fabric. (only place I can get fabric around here) Soon I wont be able to do that because they are phasing out that section of the store. I have been trying to stock up on fabric every time I shop. While out in Lancaster (lots of fabric out there!) I stopped at a place called Goods and found fabric for 2.39 a yard! Needless to say, I looked at my husband and said," I am camping out here in the fabric section- you got the kids"
The top one is a favorite. I LOVE brown and blue together and the fact that it is a plaid makes it even better!


  1. Very nice. And $2.39/yard is a bargain.

  2. I LOVE GOODS!!! I was in Heaven when I was in that store!lol!Cute fabric!