Saturday, September 12, 2009


I am away right now with my darling husband. He had to go away on buisness overnight so I decided to tag along. While he is in his 4 hour meeting I get to do whatever I want in the hotel room. I bring lots of things - I brought my magazines, books, crochet, braided rug, computer and more- you would think I was going to be here for a week!

I have been so blesssed to have been able to get some much needed rest the past month or so. I encourae everyone to get some time alone. My time alone is not just pleasure time. I spend a lot of time thinking and making notes of things that need to be changed in our home, goals for the kids and myself, and best of all praying and spending time with God-allowing him to re-direct my paths, convict me of my faults, and keep me going in this journey called life.


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