Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Day of Decorating

The picture in the background was bought at my local antique store (junk shop) I dont remember how much I paid for it (not a lot - I am cheap) but I liked the frame more than the picture. I brought it home and painted the frame white (that was probably over a year ago) the painting has lived in many places in my house but I never liked any of the spots that it ended up in. the other day I took it down and decided I would change out the picture and see if that would help me to like it more. I was in the middle of cleaning when I took the picture down so, I just placed it on the bay window until I could find a place to store it. Then the strangest thing happened! I loved it in front of the window!!! I added the flowers and wa-la- My picture finally found a home. Sometimes decorting happens by mistake!

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