Thursday, November 12, 2009

Little Isabella's room makeover

I had to move Isabella's little kitchen up in her room (which is pretty small) I thought I had taken a before picture of the huge mess it was before I moved everything but I didn't so these are all after pictures. Unfortunately, I had to move her book shlef out to make room for the pink kitchen. (I put the book shelf in my room) Here is the "pink kitchen" I miss having it downstairs but maybe some day we will be able to move it into a play house in the back yard.
I love this vanity. I got it from Genevieve. I would love to have it in my room some day but right now it wont fit, so Isabella gets to have it in hers.

I am hoping to paint the walls this winter and get her some new bedding.

She has a cute chandalier over her bed but I cut it out of the picture. Some day I will do a post on that little chandalier. It has a cute story behind it.

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