Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Christmas swag and more!

I finally finished the black and white Christmas swag for the bathroom. Here it is! It reached from one end of the main wall to the other which I was glad about but it made it hard to hang and lay flat. I ended up putting a ribbon hanger in the middle of it so that I could secure it better to the wall. It probably needed to be a bit smaller but then what would I have done with all the extra???
Here is a picture of it looking into my bathroom. This BR is tiny, so talking pictures is not easy.

Another view. Taken without flash because if i took it with flash it made it look to stark
While I was at it and the glue gun was still hot, I fixed my toilet tissue holder. It had a blue and white picture on it which matched the old bathroom. I took some leftover paper from the swag and glued it on. Then I took a sticker and put it in the middle. It still looked unfinished so I glued some cord around the edges and used glitter to frame the sticker! Easy and FREE!
Here is a close up picture of the middle.

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