Monday, July 13, 2009

A luncheon for Kira and friends

My good friend Kira was visiting from Georgia and I wanted to throw a nice luncheon for her and a few close friends.

I needed an extra table and so I grabbed my very cute ironing board that I got at that junk store by my house.

The little round table with the bird in the middle was set up for Isabella and Jamie- they had their own little tea party.

Last minute I ran to Homegoods to buy some place mates because the table has an umbrella and I don't have a table cloth for it. I was not wanting white but it was all they had- once I got them home I really liked the white!

Good friends pigging out! We had Reuben Casserole, fresh fruit, sesame dip with crackers, seafood salad, cherries, veggies and dip and 2 kinds of lemonade

This is my fountain - It adds such a nice touch to being outside- nothing like running water to help you relax

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