Thursday, July 2, 2009

bathroom makeover

The inspiration to my bathroom makeover was this black and white Toile fabric that I have had forever in my fabric cabinet. I wanted a completely different look to the cabinet but did not want to paint it so, I took the fabric (which happened to be the perfect size!) and just made a hem for the tension rod to go through it. I can still get to the cabinet under the curtain by sliding the curtain back.

The pictures are the ones I told you I bought while yard saleing with my sister. I paid 10.00 for both of them!

The basket on the toilet cover is a Longerberger basket that I have. It really did not fit the look I was going for but fit the space on my toilet so nicely that I decided to conceal it with vintage lace doilies and napkins. I use it to hold the clean towels.
Originally, I planned to put this piece in the boys bathroom but when I picked the wall color it matched the planter and therefore would have gotten lost on the wall. So, I decided to put it in my very French country bathroom and wow! I really liked it. I think the piece originally is meant to be outside with flower pots in it but I think it works great holding magazines and towels.
I really love the way everything came out. It has become one of my favorite bathroom make overs. I am still wanting a few more things for the walls in there but am waiting for the right thing to come along. The bathroom is tiny but there is a lot of blank wall space.

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