Thursday, July 2, 2009

Latest Finds

I decided to go to Home Goods yesterday, I was on the hunt for a shelf for the boys bathroom, some masculine pictures and some blue decorations for my family room that I am re-doing. Of course, I did not find any of what I was looking for but I did find the red polka dot plate to go with my red bowls. It was on clearance for 2.00 (how could I pass it up) I wish they had more. I am trying to tone down the "pink" in my kithen a little and add some red for a more vintage/whimsical look. But when I came across the pink enamel ware bread holder it blew my theory right out of the water! I could not pass it up- it was only 12.99!!! They had it in red but the pink was calling my name- it just did not look as pretty in the red. Isnt it awesome! I can hang it on the wall if I want but for now it is just sitting on my counter.

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