Friday, July 31, 2009

1.40 flip flops

I LOVE a bargain. I was at one of my favorite stores when I came across some "bling" and to make it even more appealing it was "Pink Bling" You know me, I dont pass by anything that is pink without giving it a second look! The bling happened to be flip flop jewlery! I never heard of it but hey, I am open to anything that sparkles and goes with a my favorite summer foot wear. The price was only 1.00 so I plopped it into the cart. Next stop was Michaels to get some things that I needed to finish a project and what do you think I came across? PINK flip flops on clearance for 40 CENTS. How do you say no to that????? You dont! you go home and put your bling on your flip flops and call it a great day!

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