Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Ditty Bag

My freind Genevieve sent me a web site that was selling these bags called "Ditty Bags" They were so sweet and simple. I needed a bag to put some litte gifts that I had bought for Genevieve so I decided to try and make her a ditty bag. She loves primitive style so I kept it very simple. The photography makes it look like an apron but it really is a tote bag.
The pocket on the front is made from a vintage dinner napkin that I picked up at a junk store for pennies. I added lace and buttons that I already owned. I had all of this stuff on hand so, it didn't cost me anything to make it except for some imagination and time.
A close up of the pocket. I think I made it to long. Next time I will shorten it a bit. I am not thrilled with the way it hangs so I am also going to try to stiffen it up a little by adding a liner.

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