Sunday, August 23, 2009

On a Mission

Debbie and I are back from our trip to Mexico. As much as I needed some R & R- my favorite part of the trip was visiting the people of Guanalapana, a squaters village on the sourthern part of Isla Mujeres. We were invited to deliver the 50 some pair of shoes by 2 American missionaries -Greg and Natalie- who live on the Island (more about them in a later post)
This is a proud grandmother who has picked up a pair of shoes for a family member.
Because we carried the shoes in a big garbage bag, I had to dump them on the dirt floor to pair them up. I asked the children to help me pair up the shoes. We gave first choice to the family that invited us into their home. Soon, this room would be wall to wall children looking for a pair of shoes to fit their feet.

Debbie blessing a little girl with some Crocks.

This is Lily. She was very sweet and we were able to converse in spanish. She told me that some day her daddy was going to buy her a golf cart just like the one that Debbie and I rented.
(Our golf cart was a huge hit with the chidren.) Once we ran out of shoes to give away I took the kids for a ride.
I pray this is the first of many trips. I am already looking to get to the stores to purchase more shoes before the summer stock is gone. If anyone would like to donate shoes for the chidren please let me or Debbie know and we will make sure that the shoes get there. I am also going to be collecting matchbox cars for the boys and headbands for the girls. I will post more pictures in the next few days.

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