Friday, August 7, 2009

the before and after of the fireplace

I found this fake fireplace at my favorite junk shop. It was almost all white and had great appliques on it. BUT I really wanted it ALL white so I took it outside and painted it (with my favorite spray paint of course!) Here it is finished. I originally had it at an angle on this wall but hated it that way. When you put it at an angle there was a lot of wasted space not to mention a hole behind it. I wanted to be able to hang a picture or mirror above it so...... I put it against the wall. I tried to create a Little "nook" on this end of the room. Now, you can plop in that big comfy wicker chair and read a book or drink a cup of tea.
To see it in more detail click the picture. The picture above the fireplace is temporary until I find the perfect picture or mirror. I had it laying in my "got to make something out of this pile" so, I grabbed it for now. The wreath in the middle of the old window is the sea shell wreath that I made a few weeks past.
Coming soon- the little end table to go with it all.

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