Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Happpy Birthday from such great friends and family

Look at this table! Doesn't it look like I went to my favorite shabby shop and bought myself a bunch of goodies? Nope! My girlfriends and family know me so well! These were some of the beautiful things I got from some of the most gracious loving friends a girl could have. Not shown is a beautiful bracelet that my mom and Dad gave me along with "PINK" Adirondack chairs for my garden. My sister gave me a great grilling basket and a few more little surprises. In the back of the table is a beautiful pink glass tray from Theresa, Make-up and travel bag from Debbie, Potpourri , bucket, lace place mats, and a beautiful pink table cloth from my friend Chris. 3 tin hanging buckets, magnets, and picture from Carrie and Ashley. Remember in a previous post I talked about finding the perfect picture or mirror for above my fireplace??? Well, my good friend Genevieve bought me this beautiful shabby chic mirror!!!! I have not been able to hang it yet but it is so beautiful. The picture does not give it justice.
I was going out today to get some makeup and makeup brushes for my trip to Mexico until......... I heard a knock at the door. It was Craig bringing a package from him and Carol and what do you think was in the box??? MAKE-UP for my trip to Mexico and brushes too! She didn't even know that I needed them.

This is how the box was wrapped! YUMMY pink glittery box with a pink bow!

Not pictured yet is my trip to Mexico which was given to me by my good friend Debbie! We leave on Tuesday. Thanks Deb- I am so looking forward to spending 4 days with you- what will talk about for 4 days??? LOL!!
Thanks to all my gal pals who make my life so sweet and special. I love you all. And to my family who love me unconditionally and with every ounce they have in them.

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  1. great stuff!!! and great friends what more could a girl ask for!!!!