Monday, May 14, 2012

Resourses for family bible study and devotions~ Part 1

It was a pleasure to speak to the ladies at Calvary church this past week!  I also had the priveledge of delivering my message to the women of my church on Sunday!  I promised I would list some of the resources that we have used as a family for our times of family worship and bible study.  My encouragement is to make it consistant and be creative. 

Reading the bible is something I want my kids to learn to do on a daily basis.  Family devotioanl time can be dad and/or mom reading a chapter of scripture and everyone discussing it.  We have done this and continue to do it when we are not useing a devotional book. The first resource I am gonig to list is great for reading through the bible. 

1.  Balancing The Sword~  These book comes in two volumes.  The books are designed to help you grasp the meaning of scripture by asking you questions about what you have read.  Virtually all major points of the chapter are highlighted.  The book also contains maps, tables, some pictures, and answer key.  If you have never done family devotions this book is a great starting point to get you into Gods word for both children and adults.  You can purchase this book from CBD for 54.49.  that price includes both volumes. 

Advice~  even if you do not homeschool go on line to CBD and look at their homeschool catolog. They have great selections for bible study. 

2.  Boyhood and Beyond, Created For Work, and Practical Happiness~( each title is a book)  these are my FAVORITE devotional books.  They are geared towards boys but they would be fine for a girl too.  They are written by Bob Schultz.  At the end of each little story are questions for you to ask and discuss with your kids. 

3.  Christian Manhood~ by Gary Maldaner. This is a great study to do together if you have a brood of boys like I do or each boy could do it on their own.  You read sections and answer questions that are very practical, biblical and are great for helping your boys form their christian world view.

4.  Jotham's Journey~ by Arnold Ytreeide  This is a wonderful devotion for Christmas time.  You start it on the first day of Advent and finish it up on christmas morning.  It is a story that is fictional but is set in biblical times.  The story leads up to the birth of Christ.   This book will keep you at the edge of your seat!  excellent! (there are a few books in the series but right now this was the only one I could find on my shelf...I think I lent out the other title but I seem to remember it being something like... Bartholomews ____???? )

5.  Right Choices~by Kenneth N Taylor.   a wonderful book for children 5 and under ( you could use it for older children too.. it really depends on the child)  I have used this book for sunday school and also as a read a loud for my children when they were young.  It helps children to start thinking about the choices that they make and teaches how to make biblilcal choices.  Great book for charecter training. 

6.  Great Truths For Little Children~ this is a book I am reading with my 7 year old daughter right now.  They are stories that have been reprinted from the 1800's.   Good for children 3-6 years old.  Full of great wisdom!

7.  The Big Book Of Questions and Answers About Jesus by Sinclair B Ferguson~ this book is a favorite of mine.  I have used it to teach sunday school to elementry age children.  It is so practical.  Children will have a great understanding of Jesus when they finish this book. 

8.  Children Bible Basics:  What Happens When You Die, The Holy Spirit In Me, Who is Jesus, What is a Christian, What is Prayer, Who is God.  Each title is a short book.  Excellent for teaching little ones these spiritual truths.   My father~ in~ law bought these books for my oldest son and I have used them for all 5 boys and even for Sunday school.  They are wonderful.  Next year I will start them with my 7 year old daughter.  They are published by Moody Press. 

9.  Thoughts For Young Men~  by JC Ryle  If you go through the Davis Home School Academy this is a must read prior to graduation.  I have my boys read this book in 9th grade.  It  teaches boys great truths on how to become men of God. 

10.  Hero Tales~  by Dave and Neta Jackson~  This is another book I have used for Sunday school.  It will teach your chidren about the great Heros of our faith.  Heros like Gladys Aylward, Amy Carmichael, Martin Luther, John Wesley, and MANY more!  Excellent. 

OK.. that is part one of resources. Tomorrow I will discuss some of our favorite Audio materials that we have used.


  1. So much wisdom you have Mrs. Davis! I loved your message Sunday and keep reminding my kids of it. Thank you for all the information and for sharing your heart. Love ya!

  2. Thank you so much! You are too sweet! I'm praying for all the families represented that our children will be faithful!