Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Family resources continued... Part III

We have had times in our lives when we did not have cable and we would watch videos for some down time. I have been a member of Netflix for years and love the variety that it offers. (Honestly, I could live with out TV.)I have tried to teach my children discernment in this area. For the most part they pick things to view that we approve of and line up with our beliefs. I enjoy popping pop- corn and sitting with them to watch a movie as a family but I must admit that selections are getting slimmer and slimmer.

I thought I would list some of our favorites but I'm going to refrain from that. I know that everyone's criteria is different. There are things that I may choose that may not be conservative enough for your family or maybe too conservative. What's important is that you sit down with your husband and decide what you will allow and what is totally off limits.

Ok.. Maybe I'll just mention a few favorites!

Little women ( my very favorite)

Christy- this series is excellent and even my boys love it!

Dr. Quinn- here's where it gets a little hard. There is a bar and prostitution in the series. You can skip those scenes. My kids learned a lot about the time period and medicine.

Faith Like Potatoes

Fire Proof


Love Comes Softly series by Janette Oak

Wives and daughters

Little House series


Shirley Temple

Anne of Green Gables

The old Batman series with Adam West

My boys LOVE super heroes.. Batman, Superman, Spiderman etc.... I waited until they were an older age before they were allowed to watch the more adult kind of films. In other words.... They were not 4 years old when they watched them.

Going to stop there, after all I did say I was not going to give titles right??

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  1. We love a lot of the same ones! Dr. Quinn is a favorite for my boys! LOL..

    Your on a blogging role, great to "see" you!! :)