Saturday, October 29, 2011

Trip to VA

My trip to Virginia didn't happen like I had hoped. The night before I was to leave Abby went for her well baby check and got some shots. By the time we got home she was miserable! I ran out and got her tylenol which helped but because she was so fussy I was unable to pack and was worried that she would be miserable for the long car ride. I made the safe decision to not go.

My friend Jenni went and she was able to meet Michelle and Jim Bob! She got pictures with them and with some of their older girls. The cool thing was she video taped her conversation with Michelle. She told her about me and my family and how at the last minute I could not go. She told her about Abby being born to me in my forties and how my Oldest son and his wife had a baby 3 weeks after me. Of course, Michelle wad thrilled and praised God for the testimony. So.... Even though I was not there in person I was able to meet her .... Sort of!

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