Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Organizing tip

I am in great need of organizing my upstairs. I will try and tackle one room at a time. My daughter's room is in need of a makeover -she needs more space and now that she is the big 5 it is time to give her a little-big girls room. My plan is to paint and purchase new curtains and bed linens.

The younger boys are also in need of a makeover. It is time to get rid of toys not played with and put some paint on the walls. They are also in desperate need of bed linens and new mattresses. Poor Mateo came in my room last night and told me his bed "hurts" so, it will be off to Sam's for a new mattress this weekend.

What is my organizational tip???? clean a room as if you were moving and you cant take everything with you. I don't know why but this always works for me. What do you end up with? the things that you really love and not the things that just take up space.

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