Friday, March 12, 2010

Frugal Friday

I thought it would be appropriate to talk about staying home as a way to save money since it is horrible weather outside today.

I find that when I am OUT of the house I am usually SPENDING money. Gas of course is always an issue when you leave the house and since I drive a gas guzzler, I really do try and stay off the road as much as possible.

Before I decide to go out, I make sure I know exactly the reason I am going out and anticipate any expenses. Don't eat out unless you planned and budgeted for it. When my kids were little I kept snacks in a bag inside the car. This way when they complained they were hungry I had something to give them. If I knew I would be gone all day then we packed bread, peanut-butter, water, and cookies.

Because we home school and are at home a lot cabin fever happens often. To take a break from the same four walls (especially in the winter) we go to the library, park, or a friends house.

Honestly, staying home can really make a difference. It may sound silly but think about all the times you go out and what you actually do. All those last minute trips to Rita's really start to add up unless, you have a teen with a job willing to foot the bill!

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