Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Toby

This picture really says it all. This is Toby- a very happy boy with a huge heart. Today he turned 11. Mark and I took him out to lunch and then to Rita's for dessert. Tonight we will eat a light dinner of sandwiches (his choice) and cake. He opted for moms famous Graham Cracker cake instead of a store bought cake. This is an older picture- He isnt missing all of those teeth at the moment! Toby was my first FAST birth. His coming into the world is one I will never forget! I went from being 4 centimeters dialated to 10 in 3 minutes!!! Thank God my midwife was writting notes and had not left the room yet or Mark would have delivered him.

Toby is my sweet boy. He is sensitive and fun loving. At times, he tries to get the rise out of his brothers by being a bit annoying but it really is in fun.

Happy Birthday Toby! You are very much loved.

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