Thursday, March 4, 2010

Frugal Friday

I thought I would talk about saving money on haircuts. With 8 people in the family, paying for haircuts can get really expensive. Boys usually need some kind of trim or cut every 4-6 weeks. when my boys were little I bought a pair of clippers and would shave their heads. As they got older and wanted to have a more styled look I had to look for cheaper alternatives.

4 of my boys still get cut by the clippers at home. Two of my boys get hair cuts at the barber. The oldest pays for his own and the 14 year old will go to the barber which cost 10.00 to 12.00. If we are really low on funds then the 14 year old will get a trim here at home until we can get him to the barber.

I try and get my hair cut as little as possible. I wait until I just cant take it anymore. It is 40.00 for me to get my hair cut and at this point I cringe at paying that price. I have decided to try one of those walk in places. If all I need is a trim then they can manage that. If I want a style change then I will save up for my regular beautician. I color my own hair.

My daughter goes to a discount hair place. I pay 10.00 for her. I have to keep her hair shoulder length because she has a soft head and doesnt handle hair brushing well. In the future I hope to grow her hair out so that all that is needed is a trim of the ends which I can do at home.

Check the free paper or coupon books that come in the mail. Today I got a coupon for an adult hair cut for 8.99!

If you are really daring you can look up beauty schools and vocational schools who usually cut hair for practice very cheap.

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