Sunday, February 7, 2010

Poor Joe

Three guesses what could have possibly went wrong at the Davis house today. One of these bottles is for dishes and one is for the dishwasher............................ First clue that something is not right!
Big clue that something went terribly wrong!

A sea of bubbles filled my kitchen floor, and you thought the blizzard only happened outside!

I dont own a normal mop, but thank goodness we own a shop vac!

At least Joe wont have to mop the floors tomorrow!

OK- as if things couldn't get worse, when Joe went to get the shop vac out, He must have knocked over the gas can or at least bumped it because now my entire house smells like gasoline! Happy Super Bowl Sunday!


  1. oh my gosh thats so funny :P I mean its not good it got all over your kitchen but, well i guess thats joe for ya hahaha

  2. Oh my gosh! Yeah, a mop might not have worked anyway! And how long did it take to rinse out all the soap from the dishwasher after that?!

  3. I ran it this morning and only had to use towels to clean up that mess!!!!! OH JOE!!