Friday, February 19, 2010

Frugal Friday

I am back to living the Frugal life. I have always tried to spend our money wisely but lately I feel like we are wasting a lot of money. Food is a big ticket item in our house but one that can be monitored closely and can create savings if we are careful.

Every Friday my plan is to post some way our family has managed to save money. Everything from food to entertainment. At this very moment we are ordering a pair of glasses for Jeremy on line from Zeni Optical. His glasses usually cost us around 100-150+ dollars. We get a good deal from a friend who works for Lens Crafters. You can imagine what I would spend if I didn't get this discount from her. I just ordered Jeremy's new pair on line for 33.00! that was the price with added features. If I purchased just a basic pair with no bells and whistles it would have been cheaper. I will let you know how we like the glasses when they come in. All reviews that I have read on this company have been good.

Stay tuned every Friday for a Frugal tip!


  1. How does that work? Did Jeremy try on glasses someplace, and then you looked for them online? Julie is in need of new glasses, and I'm dreading what I expect to pay for them.

  2. you have to know what style you like, once you know that, you need your eye glass script. you punch in the numbers and your done. Wtih Jeremey we started him out with kid frames but when we punched in his numbers they said it would not work so we had to move him into adult frames. I should e getting his glasses in 2 weeks or less.