Friday, February 26, 2010

Frugal Friday

Making the food last! It is hard living in a house with 5 growing boys AND keep the food budget down. Something that I have been doing for a while in our house is to not cook dinner every night! Actually, that is not true. What I try to do is use breakfast food for dinner. I will make waffles, pancakes or eggs (egg omelets, scrambled egg sandwiches, french toast etc.) Breakfast foods tend to be cheaper and filling. We do not normally eat these foods for breakfast becuase they take to long to prepare. We eat cereal and oatmeal every morning during the week.

If I decide not to do a breakfast for dinner then I might decide to do a sandwich night. We will eat tuna, egg or chicken salad on homemade bread with salad. This is a treat because I don't usually make those things for lunch.

This is a really great way to save on the food budget. I great food stretcher for those weeks that you have to keep things tight.

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