Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pillows for sale at Nooks and Crannies

I decided that it was time for me to open up a store on Etsy. I really dont have room to keep all the things that I make but dont really want to stop making things so, it is time to sell some of my itmes. Below are two pillows that I made this past week. Here is a close up of the crochet pillow. I am thinking about changing the silk flowr to a crochet flower but I need my moms help with that and right now she is in Florida. The top of the pillow is tied together with fabric scraps. I love the look of new and shabby. This pillow started out as me just practicing my crochet skills. I couldn't just throw all that work away- so a pillow was the most logical use for it.
I will definetly be making more pillows with graphics.

I love the graphic on this pillow. I happen to love primitive/country decorating even though I dont have a lot of it in my house. It really could live in any decor but I have to admit that I was in a "primitive" mood when I made it. I will let you know when my etsy store is open!


  1. Ilove your pillows!!! When you open your store do I get a friends and family discount? :)

  2. Absolutely! You know me, free is a geat price for freinds! We can just swap stuff! HOw is that