Monday, January 4, 2010

Highlights of Christmas

I didnt want to fill my blog with all of our christmas pictures but here are just a few highlights. I did not down load all my pictures therefore Joey is missing but he really was here and we love him too! LOL Jillian and her family come over on Christmas Eve and share a white elephant gift exchange with us.
Genevieve came over on the 23rd and helped me make her mother's amazing pork dish! YUMMY

My sister Letty was able to spend Christmas at my house . This is her sleeping in the family room with her dog Harley.

My mom and Dad were able to be with us. I treasure the moments that I have with them.

Even Sadie is showing some Christmas spirit! Isnt she just tooo cute!

My 3 youngest boys- loving what Joey bought them for Christmas.

Joe and Deb having some fun with us- it just isnt Christmas Eve without them.

Cristian and Victoria.

The promise ring that he gave her for Christmas. It has her name and his on the band.

Here she is opening it up! (I think-or it may be another gift that he got her)

Mom and Isabella under the Christmas Tree. I just love this picture

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