Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bird Cage Makeover

I found this birdcage holder when I was out yard saleing with some friends. The lady said it was an antique??? I really didn't care if it was old, I just knew I wanted it and for 10.00 I could not pass it up. It was an ugly green color. The bottom of it had daisies painted on it. NOT ME! (the shelf that you can see throug the bird cage is not hanging from the cage) Here it is all shabby chiced! I painted the whole thing white (of course) then added this bird cage that I found in my sisters shed. She graciously gave it to me. I added a little light inside of the bird cage and then wrapped crystal beading around the circle. The whole thing only cost me the 10.00 that I paid for the cage.
I really love this piece. You could hang other things from the hook like a wreath or different style bird house. When you turn the light on it makes great mood lighting.

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