Wednesday, May 20, 2009


last night my good friend Debbie asked me if I needed some theropy (code word) for "Do you want to go to the Christmas Tree Shop" one of my favorite places to find bargains! The way I look at it, I could hire a thropist for 125.00 an hour OR I can go to my favorite store and spend the same amount but get to keep the "stuff"

I was looking for garden statues and such for my new garden (pictures yet to come) and though I did find a few things, when I came across these two canvas paintings and could not decide which one to buy- I bought them both! (they were only 5.99 each-how could you not! I am sure I will move them around but for now one of them is in my family room (on the white corner cabinet) and the other is in my kitchen.

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  1. There is no therapy in the world that is better than retail therapy!