Monday, May 11, 2009


CHAP was its usual large and overwhelming event. I was prepared to walk in there and begin to re-think every aspect of my curriculum. Yet, an awesome miracle occured - I did not feel the need to switch gears! It was such a blessing to feel at peace with our families decision to go the text book route. I will have to make some changes for 8-12th grade (not able to use BJU for those grades ) but I will continue to use textbooks for next year.

I was able to hear Doug Phillips speak (Carrie and I were able to sit right next to his family!-LOL-) talk about living in a fish bowl! I got to walk around and spend a little bit of money on the "fun" things that are not a really needed but soooooooooo wanted. It was worth the trip out there and I plan to go next year too with maybe a layover in Lancaster.

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