Sunday, May 24, 2009

My favorite place

Last week I was able to sneak away to my favoite place on the earth! Teaberry's! It is located in Flemington NJ-(my old home town) a tea house situated in an old Victorian house on Main Street. I was able to sit and relax with my very good friend, who also shares my love for all things pink and rosey-Theresa.
Outside on the side of the victorian is this cut little are with tables set up. It was a perfect day to sit outside.
Me and my pal!

This is the entrance to the house! It has a big front porch. I almost stole the wire dress form. IS IT NOT ME!!!


  1. HOW ADORABLE!!!!!! Love the tea cozies!!

  2. Arent they cute! I want to make some! You game!