Monday, May 11, 2009

Our time away-bikes for everyone

Isabella on her new scooter without the pretty helmet and shin pads I bought her! Oh well!

Mateo took a few spills- some how I missed getting a picture of Toby on his bike.

It is nice to get back but I sure do wish we could have stayed away just a little bit longer. It took us over 4 hours to hook the camper up on Wednesday when we got to the camp ground! (looooong story) we had to order pizza the first night because by the time we got into the camper it was to late to cook outside plus it was pouring rain.
Thursday we took the kids to Wal Mart to get bikes. We tried to get them bikes at Christmas but there were none to be found so we gave the kids IOU's and finally bought them when we were away.

Isabella got a scooter because she could not peddle the big girl bikes. She was happy with her little scooter. Our kids have not had the chance to ride bikes a lot so there were many spills and moments when I thought we would end of in the ER but PTL- scratches were all they came home with

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