Sunday, September 19, 2010

the "TO DO LIST"

MY TO DO list is never ending. I have tried many methods when it comes to how to organizng my day. I have used planners with very little success. I keep going back to the same method and it seems to work the best for me. It is very simplistic.

1. I keep 2 list pads of paper (the long narrow list pads that you get at Michael's for 1.00) I keep one on my refrigerator and one on the kitchen counter. The pad on the fridge is for any items that need to be bought at the food store. The pad on the counter is my "to do list" I check my to do list every day. I mark the things that must get done that day. At the end of the day I check off all the things that got done. (I love that part!) Whatever doesn't get done gets put on the list for the next day.

2. I keep a family calendar. This is where I write any and all plans. The children in the house that work keep their work schedules (because it changes) on the Refrigerator . I have a special magnetic pad (from Michael's-gotta love that place) that has the days of the week on it and they write out their schedule for the week on that pad.

3. I keep a pocket calendar in my purse. I may not have everything on this calendar but it at least will show me dates when I am out and need to plan something. When I am not at home and something comes to my mind that I need to do, I write it in the pocket calendar. WHY? because I have the WORST memory. Once I get home, I transfer the items to my "To Do Pad"

and that is it. It is very simple but it works.

How do you organize your day and priorities?

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  1. My "to do" system is very similar to yours... minus the pocket calendar in the purse. I have the hardest time keeping paper or pens in my diaper bag/purse because little hands frequently help themselves!!

    I agree-- marking off items you've accomplished IS the BEST part of making a list. Speaking of which, I need to get busy working on mine. :) ~Kristy @ Homemaker's Cottage