Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Reward System

I thought I would talk a little about our reward system. My kids don't get any kind of allowance. Instead- they earn "Stars" for work well done. When I am grading their papers I give a check, check plus, or a check minus. 3 check pluses gives them a star. A check minus means they have to correct the work that was done. If they get an 85 or better on a test they get 2 stars. They also earn stars for other things that may go over and beyond what is the norm. The stars can be traded in for money, treats or trips. I have from time to time taken stars away for bad behavior or attitudes. I have tried many "reward" systems in the past but this is the one that works the best and we have stuck with.

I did learn early on that the only way to make a reward system work is to stick with it. Sometimes it is a bother to remember to give out the stars (I draw a star on an index card and put it in the little homemade envelope that you see in the picture) but in the end it is worth it. The reward system is also great for those times when you are at the store and they ask for something. I always tell them that they can purchase an item with their "star" money. It amazes me how much they ponder about their purchase when they are paying for it!

This year I am planning on adding tithing to our star system. Once they turn their stars in for cash I will help them calculate home much of that money is a tithe.

I am always open to better systems. I am not sure my high schooler is crazy about this system so I may work out something different for him in the near future.

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  1. I really like this! My kids are very motivated by rewards. My biggest struggle is sticking with it! ~Kristy @ Homemakers Cottage