Sunday, June 28, 2009

Yard saleing with my sister

My sister is the queen of bargains. One of our favorite things to do together is hit the town wide yard sales. I really made out well with her that day. The "loot" is all on my kitchen table. (above)One of my favorite finds was decorative pictures for my black and white bathroom that I just re-decorated.
Pictures of that to come on a future post. I also hit the jack pot when i came across a woman selling her daughters beautiful clothes for 50 cents each! She has the same taste as Isabella and so I came home with bags full. I bought beautiful church dresses for 2.00! I also got the game "clue" still in the shrink wrap for 1.00! My kids begged me to get the game for them the last time we were in Wal Mart but I didn't want to pay the 15.00 price tag- I am soooooooo glad I didn't.
This outing with my sister has re-kindled my love of going to tag sales. I hope to make it more of a habit. You really can find the things that you need if you are patient and willing to take the time to look. In the famous words of Michelle Dugger, "Buy used and save the difference!"
My sister is so happy when she is shopping. She found this great doll house for her daughter- she paid 5.00 for it and all the accessories that go with it. I was a bit sick to my stomach as I had bought the same house for my daughter for 40.00- full price in the store.

One final yard sale story. When I first quit my job and started homeschooling the kids I was living in a small town house. I needed a cabinet to store all of their books in but didnt have a lot of money to spend. One day coming home from the food store I saw a sign for a yard sale. I really was not in the mood to stop at it but something inside told me I needed to go. When I pulled up to the sale there was this tall thin cabinet in great condition! It was perfect for what I needed. I had prayed that the Lord would help me to find a cabinet and He did!

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