Sunday, June 28, 2009

relaxing at my sisters

I LOVE hanging out at my sisters house. She has beautiful gardens and some farm animals. I try and photograph her garden every year as there is always something new and exiting to look at. The pig's name is IKE- He is a pot belly pig and has a nose that is just to funny!

The play house belongs to Princess Alexis. She is my sister's grandaughter. Next to the play house my sister planted a garden for her! Click on the picture to see it in more detail.

The Potting Shed is my favorite structure on my sister's property. She has it beautifully done. This is were her vegetable garden is planted. She has a rod iron fence around it which I just love.

The gazebo was a steal of a deal! (like I said before, my sister is the queen of bargains) she got it at an auction- I belive she only paid a few hundred dollars for it. The work was having to move it from the sellers property to hers.

The gardens are beautiful. She really has a green thumb. She does not have problems with displaced deer eating her flowers. Unlike myself who has every animal known to man kind thinking my garden is a buffet!



  1. beautiful pics!! And I really, really, really want that piggy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. PIGGY! Awwww, its soooo cute!!!!!