Saturday, June 6, 2009

window treatments

A while back I started to make this fabric banner- not really knowing what I would do with it. I saw the idea on the internet and thought it looked easy to replecate. I made my own pattern and used scrap material to make the triangles. One day I noticed my curtains on the slideing glass door were getting stained and dirty so, I took them off to wash. I decided not to put them back up. I liked the bare look for a while but then felt the doors needed something simple. I remembered the banner I had started and thought that it would be a nice touch to the sliders. I enjoy dressing my windows in a unique way and with summer approaching the banner seemed a perfect fit. (Click on the pictures to see it up close. ) I have an idea for my window that is above my kitchen sink- I will post that when I finsih it.