Sunday, September 9, 2012

Tennessee highlights

I thought I would write a post on our journey to the south. Leaving Jersey was so hard... I've cried more tears than I think I have ever cried in my life...

We left Manalapan on Friday August 17th. I wish I could say everything went smoothly but there were many bumps and obstacles to overcome. First, not all of our things fit in the moving truck! We were forced to load the camper with things which I thought would be ok since we borrowed my dads truck to pull it to TN. ( my suburban couldnt handle the extra weight) When we went to hitch up the truck we realized our hitch wouldn't fit the truck. I'm not sure what Mark did but a trip to Home Depot and some last minute drilling in the garage and he was hooked up. We left for his brothers house around 5pm. I left first in the suburban and Mark left about an hour after me. Our plan was to sleep at Marks brothers house and leave early in the morning for TN. When Mark got to his brothers house he informed us that my dads truck was leaking transmission fluid. We would have to have the truck looked at before we could leave for TN! Major delay.

Mark and I were sleeping in the camper with the baby while the kids stayed at my sister in laws. When we got to the camper we realized it was FULL of so much stuff that we could hardly get to the bed! Then there was the air conditioning! We could not get to it due to all the STUFF! It was so hot and humid. Mark decided to literally climb over stuff try and get to the air conditioning switch. He was my hero! Some how by the grace of God he got to the switch. We removed the stuff from the bed and climbed in.... All 3 of us! We froze that night! Unable to regulate the air conditioning, we had to deal with the freezing temperature! Then there was the issue of going to the bathroom! Yup,a detail we didn't think about! Did I mention it started to storm and rain! I had to use the bathroom and I didn't care what it was doing outside! We were sleeping in a church parking lot but fortunately there was a grassy area that was hidden behind the camper and moving truck. Yup! You guessed it! In the pouring rain I did my business and not only once but 3 times! needless to say, I did not sleep the entire night! My anxiety was sky high! I was freezing and used what blanket I had for the baby. I was also afraid of her falling off the bed so I stayed awake to make sure that didn't happen. This was only the beginning.

To be continued.......

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