Monday, March 14, 2011

whats in your library

I don't know of many home schooler's who don't love books. I am not one to feel like making multiple trips to the library so that means I have to have a collection of books at home. With a growing family but limited space I have learned that I have to be choosy about what I keep in the house. No room for twaddle as Charlotte Mason would say. Hubby is a pastor and loves to collect books. He has a book case at the church office full of books and then there are the ones that he has at home that have not maCheck Spellingde it to the office! I store all of my books on a few book shelves in the craft room that hubby and I share. Here is some of what I collect:

Sewing, crafting, parenting, decorating, homeschooling, historical fiction, gardening, cookbooks and spiritual. I also have a collection of audios and DVD's that pertain to the above categories.

For the children I mostly collect classical literature. I also have a collection of children's audio books, DVD's, drawing books, and art books. Poetry and nature books are also a must. I even have a set of encyclopedias, but not sure for how much longer I will keep them since they are getting old. Picture books are kept to a minimum and only the ones that are classics and have great illustrations. A bi-monthly trip to the library keeps us happy with a nice selection of picture books for my youngest.

I have collected over the years alphabet books but not just any alphabet books but ones that are unique. Today I picked up one at Borders that centered around the Von Trapp family! Not only is the content wonderful but the illustrations are beautiful.

I also have a small collection of Tasha Tudor books and Landmark books. Of course we have lots of educational books that we use when we need to look up certain information but for the most part google is our best friend to save on space.

Last but not least is our collection of bibles. We have a lot! I can't resist purchasing a bible when I see it at a good price. We also have our share of bible commentaries and studies.

I am in the process of finding a bible on CD that I think I will enjoy for those days when I am busy in the kitchen.

I am sure I haven't listed everything but this is the bulk of what we collect in order to have books at home and save trips to the libray. I also collect a few magazines but recently have decided to only renew two of the 4 that I subscribe to.

So... what do you collect?


  1. I have a lot of the Barnes & Noble classics. But to say I collect books would be incorrect. But I have gotten away from buying novels; I keep our book money for buying nonfiction reference stuff that will be read and used over and over.

  2. Would having around 14 bookcases indicate I collect books? LOL! I have a virtual library in my basement! And I've purged a lot the past couple of years! Some women can never have too many shoes or handbags. I can never have too many books. The sad part is that there are still many of them I need to read. I'd buy a good book while still not done reading another, then find an even better book that interests me at that moment, and on and on the vicious cycle goes. Hey, one day I'll get to them. I have hope!