Sunday, April 25, 2010

My spring to do list

My computer is not allowing me to download pictures from my camera, so I borrowed this lovely picture from the Graphic Fairy. I am not sure when my love affair with chipped paint began. It is just one of those things I cant explain and one I am sure my hubby never wishes started. As I think about all the things that I want to do this spring and summer I thought it would be a good idea to make a list. For me, many of these things will be a first time adventure. Some are extended projects from last year.

1. Replace plantings that died last year from my swing garden. also paint the swing! I love chippy paint but my swing took a real beating this past winter and needs an entire new coat of white paint.

2. power wash swing set and stain (ugh! -think I will pass this one on to the big boys)

3. Plant my very first vegetable garden. I have already laid out the raised bed and started some seeds inside.

4. get some fun containers at the junk shop to start my herbs in. I decided to do them separate from the veggie garden.

5. Look for an inexpensive fence for both my gardens. Bunnies and deer are already thinking they are at an all you can eat salad bar!

6. paint the boys room (sigh- I have been putting this off for way to long)

7. Make a bench out of a twin head board that has been sitting in my garage. (think I will need some help with this one)

8. try and do some canning this summer. I bought all the supplies last summer but did not get a chance to try it out.

9. Loose 20 pounds. (ugh) I am hoping that all those fresh vegetables from the garden will inspire me to loose some weight!

10. Grow closer to the Lord. That's the best thing we can ever hope to grow, cultivate and harvest.

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