Monday, October 12, 2009

Camping with the Cousin's

Last weekend we went camping with the cousin's. Mark's oldest brother brought a nice condo tent and his family (4 kids and his wife) slept in it for 2 nights. It was a family effort to get the tent up and going.
Here are some of the adults playing phase 10 while the younger children were at the park.

Uncle Brian and Cristian doing the dishes!!! We had to do dishes outside because our hose was not long enough to tap into the water source at the camp ground.

Isabella getting ready for bed. Normally this area is a table but at
night it converts into a bed.

ahhhhhhhhhhhh........ to live a dog's life

Hubby making breakfast Saturday morning

This is my favorite part of camping-Joey playing the guitar while we all sit around the camp fire singing.
The camper all set up and ready for a weekend of fun. This will probably be our last trip out in the camper- bummer!

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